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Why Choose Us?


Our Philosophy


At Georgian Mall Family Dental, every member of our team works passionately toward a philosophy of common goals. It is our true desire to deliver the very best dentistry available in the world, bar none. Equal in our desire to deliver the best dentistry is our constant drive to provide unparalleled hospitality and customer service to every person we encounter in our workday and beyond.


We work hard every day to better ourselves and each member of our Georgian Mall Family Dental team, so that we can ensure that our patients enjoy the benefits of our philosophy and goals.


In contrast to the ever-changing, ever-improving field of cosmetic dentistry, good old hospitality has remained the same for centuries. Your Georgian Mall Family Dental team members believe in delivering respect and unprecedented service every time you visit us.


We believe it is this Georgian Mall Family Dental characteristic that will keep you coming back again and again. And, it is this aspect of our practice that is making our patients actually enjoy going to the dentist. There are tens of millions of people in Canada who are terrified of going to the dentist. Georgian Mall Family Dental is healing these fears one by one, patient by patient.


Loyal Team/Low Turnover


People like to see new faces at parties and social events, but not at the dentist’s office. At Georgian Mall Family Dental, we understand the secure feeling that goes along with seeing familiar faces. Familiar people already know and understand your medical and dental history, and they are prepared to take care of your individual needs. You don’t have to rehash all of those things every time you come in. We’re your dental family. We already know you…and your likes and dislikes.


Our team is loyal. We love working for Georgian Mall Family Dental. We work hard, and we feel like it’s a privilege to work here. We don’t want to work anywhere else. And, this isn’t by chance. Dr. Hulbert intentionally built Georgian Mall Family Dental as a place that would attract the leading professionals in dentistry along with the highest performing support team. Our team works together to serve each other just as they serve our patient family. Our team is filled with individuals who desire constant self-improvement. If you ask our team they will tell you, “We want to be the very best dental practice in the world. We all want to be the best in our field. We want to serve each other to make our team stronger. And, last-not least, we want to serve our patients with such unprecedented hospitality that our patients want to send their friends and family to Georgian Mall Family Dental to receive the same excellent treatment and care.


If you ask Dr. Hulbert she will tell you, “One of the things that makes me most proud is our loyal team. We have employees who leave to raise kids, or move away…and when they’re ready to work again or they move back, they want to come back to Georgian Mall Family Dental to work. They tell us they wouldn’t consider working anywhere else after their experience at Georgian Mall Family Dental. We’re privileged to have such a loyal team, and we all work very hard for one another.


Unprecedented Hospitality


It’s in our Georgian Mall Family Dental mission statement. Along with excellence in dentistry, we aim to deliver unprecedented hospitality to every patient at every visit.  We realize it’s simply not enough to deliver unsurpassed care. We recognize that Amazing Dentistry + Amazing Customer Experience=Raving fans. In recent times, it seems that hospitality has disappeared from most consumer experiences.  Not at Georgian Mall Family Dental. Just as our team appreciates excellent customer service, we also enjoy serving our patients. We get a kick out of surprising them with excellent service. At Georgian Mall Family Dental, we hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to hospitality. In doing so, we know our patients will recommend our services to others, our patient family will grow, and we will have even more opportunities to deliver Georgian Mall Family Dental hospitality.


Focus On Total Health


In case you have not heard the news regarding the oral-systemic link, the health of your mouth plays a vital role in your overall health. Weigh this against the fact that approximately 80% of adults in the Canada have some form of periodontal (gum) disease, and you may start to understand why at Georgian Mall Family Dental we have intensified our focus on your total health and wellness. If we can help you achieve complete oral health, it will result in your better overall health. And if you desire to improve your overall health, we understand the best tools to get you there. We are dedicated to partnering with our patients to help them live longer healthier lives.


Physicians are just beginning to understand that inflammation in your body is one of the root causes of heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, poor pregnancy outcomes, infertility, inflammatory & autoimmune diseases, and perhaps even autism. We now understand that if you can reduce your systemic inflammation, you can reduce your risk for disease. And, if you already suffer from these illnesses, reducing your systemic inflammation can reduce the severity of your disease — and, in some cases, reverse the disease altogether.


Your Dentists For Life


At Georgian Mall Family Dental want to take care of you as a whole. Whether you’re in the market for a smile makeover or not. We’re truly interested in your overall wellbeing. We intentionally designed our team to have experts in all areas of dentistry so that we can take care of all of your dental needs right here in our spa-like environment.


We are truly happy to see you at your regular hygiene visits. And it goes beyond dentistry. We want you to live a long and healthy life. If you’re interested in achieving wellness, we want to partner with you to help you get there. We want you to stay in our patient family. We want to be your dentists for life…and your family’s dentists for life.


All Services In One Location


At Georgian Mall Family Dental we offer most all dental services under one roof. Dentistry is a broad field of practice. By bringing in Doctors who excel in certain areas of dentistry and putting them in ONE dental location we have eliminated the need to send you to a separate office for procedures (in most cases). We realize that once you get “comfortable” in your dental home that you don’t want to drive across town to another specialist’s office. From Veneers to Dentures to Complex Oral Surgeries- we offer it all at Georgian Mall Family Dental.




Minimally Invasive Dentistry


What more can we say?  At Georgian Mall Family Dental, we like to drill less on our patients. In the last 5 years, innovations in dentistry have taken patient care and treatment procedures to an advanced (and much less aggressive) level.  As technology advances, invasive treatments dimish and become replaced with minimal, gentle and simple procedures.


In addition to these minimally invasive restorative techniques, we reverse small cavities using specialized rinses that grow back enamel and reverse the cavity formation, eliminating the need to drill and fill.


Our use of technological advacements coupled with innovative and gentle peridontal (gum) disease treatment create an industry-leading dental practice committed to continued education and dedicated to quality patient care.

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