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Why Choose Us?

Our Philosophy


At Woodbine Family Dental, every member of our team works passionately toward a philosophy of common goals. It is our true desire to deliver excellent dentistry and continued hospitality and customer service to every person we encounter in our workday and beyond.


We work hard every day to better ourselves and each member of our Woodbine Family Dental team, so that we can ensure that our patients enjoy the benefits of our philosophy and goals.


In contrast to the ever-changing, ever-improving field of cosmetic dentistry, good old hospitality has remained the same for centuries. Your Woodbine Family Dental team members believe in delivering respect and wonderful service every time you visit us.


We believe it is this Woodbine Family Dental characteristic that will keep you coming back again and again. And, it is this aspect of our practice that is making our patients actually enjoy going to the dentist. There are tens of millions of people in Canada who are terrified of going to the dentist. Woodbine Family Dental is helping to heal these fears one by one, patient by patient.

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