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At Woodbine Family Dental, we have Dr. Rob Pasch, General Dentist, who is a “PREFERRED PROVIDER OF Invisalign®


What is Invisalign®?


Invisalign® technology uses clear trays as orthodontic devices; Invisalign® acts as clear braces. These Invisalign® clear braces fit precisely over your teeth and move your teeth gradually to an ideal arch-form, bite alignment, and beautiful smile. At Woodbine Family Dental we start the Invisalign® process with a 1 on 1 consultation with you. We listen to your desires and goals for your smile, teeth, bite, etc. And we design the Invisalign® treatment based on your wants and needs.


Invisalign® typically moves your teeth more quickly than traditional braces, and it does so invisibly. Other people will not know you are wearing braces because Invisalign® trays are essentially invisble braces.


Am I a candidate for Invisalign®?


At Woodbine Family Dental, we use Invisalign® Clear Braces to:

  • correct crowded and crooked teeth

  • close gaps and spaces

  • correct misaligned bites and deep bites

  • help reduce gummy smiles

  • fix protruding (buck) teeth

  • and many more smile defects.


How Can I Get Invisalign® for My Teeth/Smile?


Invisalign® is one of the simplest smile-enhancements you can choose. The process starts with a consultation appointment with Dr. Rob Pasch.


At this visit, we will take several digital photographs of your teeth/smile. Together, you and Dr. Pasch and our experienced team will look over these photos and discuss the outcomes you desire for your teeth and smile. Our dentist and team are expert listeners — they understand what YOU want, and they will customize your plan to achieve your desired results.


After the consultation, if you and the dental team decide that Invisalign® clear braces are the best choice of treatment for you, we will make impressions and records of your teeth. Your dentist will then design a computer program (called a clin-check) that will show your teeth go through the motions from start to finish.


If you like what you see (your predicted “after image” of your teeth/smile, then you can choose to start treatment. Another benefit of Invisalign® is that you get to see the estimated “after” images before you invest in the treatment.


What do I need to do AFTER Invisalign® treatment?


Like any orthodontic treatment, you will need retention in order to keep your teeth in the ideal position created by your Invisalign® treatment. Invisalign® offers a new type of retainer that seems to work better than the traditional, bulky, orthodontic retainer. The Invisalign® retainers (called Vivera retainers) are simply Invisalign® trays that you wear while you are sleeping.


These trays are computer-fabricated based on the very final stage of your Invisalign® treatment (the day your teeth were perfect). The computer fabricates a new tray (each tray based on your final alignment position) every 4 months. This works better than traditional retainers, because trays and orthodontic retainers tend to “soften” with wear, allowing your teeth to slowly shift back away from ideal.


With the Invisalign® retainer system, your teeth will stay in the final aligned position because you will have a new, fresh retainer to wear (that is mailed to you) every 4 months. Another good option is to have a permanent retainer (wire) bonded behind your lower teeth, and use the Invisalign® night-time retainer for your upper teeth. Dr. Rob Pasch will know which is the very best option for you to retain the gorgeous smile achieved through Invisalign® invisible braces.


Many people want to enhance the look of their natural teeth without investing in veneers. Invisalign® could be the solution you have been looking for!

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